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How We Think

Designing Better Systems for a Better World

Environmental crises are affecting the world at a speed and scale never seen before. Solving these systemic problems requires a new approach.

Incubated by, problem solving is in our DNA.

How We Transform Systems

We dig deep to understand problems—studying what’s wrong, unearthing hidden opportunities, and weaving multiple perspectives into rapid, coordinated action to deliver innovative, inclusive and scalable solutions, with a sense of urgency.

We develop step-by-step solutions that work across the entire value chains of complex systems, resulting in holistic, transformative change.

1. Rethink

We start by identifying the most difficult environmental challenges that affect everyone but are the responsibility of no one—where current systems aren’t working, and where our approach can drive impact at scale. Then we reimagine and rethink the whole system, taking into account the needs of each stakeholder, including the planet.

2. Prove

We create a model for change in a single community, and then iterate with local partners to learn and adapt our model as we expand to multiple geographies. In each location, we move at the speed of trust—with local governments, multinational corporations, and NGOs—to empower our collaborators to sustain success.

3. Scale

We use real-world findings from our pilot programs to build scalable solutions that deliver measurable impact and solve for long-term stability. Our adaptive design process allows us to meet the needs of communities around the world. Working with scaling partners sets us up to achieve meaningful impact on the global waste problem—and beyond.

How We Amplify Impact

We design scalable solutions by establishing partnerships, experimenting only with ideas that have a path to scale, and distilling and documenting what we learn as we go. Another key to scalable impact: our technology.

Our Approach to Technology

We build efficient, exciting ways to interact with people wherever they are in the world. We use technology to create windows for communities to plainly see inside the systems that have traditionally been murky. The residents we work with experience a feeling of digital success, transforming the way they view their communities—as “smart cities” or “smart villages.”

For households and businesses, digital tools provide transparency on waste collection fees, enrollment for waste collection services, answers to sorting questions, nudges to build good sorting habits, and rewards for maintaining those habits.

For collectors and sorting centers, our tools provide digital access to customer records and behaviors, financial performance tools including payment data and tracking systems, and operational reports that can be used to create incentives.

For processors and consumer goods companies, we are in the process of developing tools to ensure a predictable supply of transparently and ethically sourced material.

To learn more about the tech we’re using today and exploring for the future, visit Our Programs.

Where We Work

From Buenos Aires to Bali we are forging partnerships and working to find what is universally true and culturally unique, so that we can scale what works across Latin America and Southeast Asia, with plans to expand to Africa in the coming years.


Program details

We’re working with the local community and partners in Bali to establish and scale integrated waste and recycling systems across Indonesia.


Program details

We’re inspiring participation in recycling in Buenos Aires and Olavarría as test cases to scale inclusive recycling solutions across the country.


Stay informed and inspired with environmental reports, project updates, and stories about systems change from the people making it happen.
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