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Request for Proposals – Optimizing Waste Management Systems in Bali
January 11, 2023

Delterra is requesting proposals from interested parties to provide consulting support for our development of an optimized operational waste management system in a Bali regency in Indonesia.  

About the Organization

Delterra is a global environmental NGO on a mission to solve the world’s most complex systemic environmental challenges—on the ground, at scale, and with urgency. Founded by McKinsey & Company, Delterra uses a systems change approach to redesign entire ecosystems by developing innovative, scalable solutions for the good of people and the planet. Today, we are reimagining and redesigning the waste management and recycling systems in Argentina and Indonesia and expanding into Brazil.

About the Project 

In Indonesia, we have successfully intervened in waste management systems at a village-level, learning what it takes to optimize decentralized mini-MRFs (Materials Recovery Facilities), henceforth referred to as TPS3Rs. In this phase, we seek to scale our intervention to a regency-level in Badung Regency in Bali, no longer engaging only with TPS3Rs, but also with all players in the system, chiefly mid sized-MRFs, henceforth referred to as TPSTs, as well as waste banks and independent waste collectors. Our main aim is to expand access to waste management services from around 170,000 to all 600,000 people in Badung in the span of three years, reducing residual waste going into the landfill and the environment.

To create a system that goes beyond intervention just at the TPS3R level, we hypothesize an integrated system where we combine our current TPS3R optimization approach with connecting TPS3Rs and TPSTs to share the burden of processing organic waste.

About the Request for Proposals

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is for consulting and engineering support to:

  • Propose an optimized operating system, including macro-waste flows and quantities, across the regency (600k people) and pilot area, including collection and transportation equipment required. Key considerations include financial constraints, existing infrastructural conditions, short implementation time, and organizational hypothesis for an integrated system, which are all disclosed in the linked document.
  • Develop optimum waste flow, layout and additional machinery needs for TPST(s) in the system to accommodate the integrated waste management system above.

About the Scope of Work

The scope of work is divided in two lots:

  1. Waste management ecosystem mapping and waste flow analysis and,
  2. Process optimization at the TPST level.

We divided the scope of work in anticipation of different expertise needed per lot, however, the deliverables of the lots are interdependent of each other. For this RfP, applicants can choose whether to bid for one or both of the lots. Joint applications as a consortium or partnership is welcome, as we expect a close coordination of the two scopes of work throughout the design and execution. Please do note that allotment of one of these lots to a bidder does not indicate any commitment on our part to allot that bidder the other lot as well.

About the Bidding

Independent or waste management firms or individual consultants that have expertise and experience in municipal solid waste treatment are encouraged to bid. Deep knowledge of organic waste treatment and MRF design from operational, financial, technical and logistical perspectives is necessary. Experience working in waste management in Indonesia or similar systems is required.

The deadline to submit an expression of interest and ask questions is January 27, 2023. The deadline to submit a proposal is February 3, 2023.